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sfgoth's Journal

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San Francisco Goth
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Basically a community for sf goths and the various surrounding areas ( SF bay area, Sacremento, or Northern California). Talk about anything but do not excessively spam. There are other places to get club and band info online that is far more upto date than here... such as http://sfgoth.com/clubs (check here before you post).

[Updated 2/26/08 new Items in bols]
Things got dumb and so there are rules:

The new and #1 rule for this community is that there is only one ad per club per month.
Ex. No posting for club x more than twice in March.
Ex. No posting for club x if your friend already did it.

*Violating this means permanent banning from the community for the violating party!!! So check before you post!!!*
After that, the below rules apply.

After this check to see what catagory your post is in. There are 5 types of monitored ads:
1. CLUB PROMOS (defined as regularly occuring weekly, bi monthly, monthly etc... happenings) that aren't on the weekly NIGHTBIRD entry.
  • If there isn't a NIGHTBIRD entry for that week, by all means do a promo but it counts as ONE CLUB PROMO. Do maximized your entries by making one with a bunch of club listings.
  • Post new clubs in the NIGHTBIRD entry such that everyone will see a complete listing on one page. Also contact clubs2003 at sfgoth.com to get added to the weekly post.
    2. GIG PROMOS - Tell us when your band is performing locally within Northern California.
    4. ONE-TIME SPECIAL EVENTS (this includes concerts regardless of it's inclusion on the NIGHTBIRD entry) where a fee is charged for participating such as NYE, halloween or concert... even if happens at during a regularly scheduled club.
    5. CD release or other warez - Must be available locally ( in a store or other local venue) OR available on the web through a webstore (not ebay) such as Etsy, Yahoo, etc...

    For these you are allowed to make 2 entries/30 days for each of these types.

    For example you can make 1 CLUB promo, 2 EBAYS, and 1 SPECIAL EVENT posting all in one month's time.

    Violating this ad allotment will result in a warning. You will be asked to not making another ad entry of any type for a given date(usually 30 days). Further violations you will not be able to post for 30 days and finally in permanent revoking of posting privilages.

  • post quiz results
  • post set lists
  • club ads for a club that is on NIGHTBIRD's weekly entry... unless it is for a concert (not dj gig).
  • make long posts without using the lj-cut tag. See FAQ for more details.
  • post information for things not happening in the bay area, sacramento area, or northern california (Fresno is the cut off).
  • post images without using the cut tag.
  • posting and turning off comments will not be tolerated. The post will be marked as SPAM and deleted.

    Infractions on these DON'Ts will result in your entry being removed. After 3 violations, you will not be able to post for 30 days. Further violations will result in permanent revoking of posting privilages.

  • Double check your spelling
  • Post polls
  • Think about whether 150+ people will want to read you rant about tummy lint
  • Post thought evoking questions

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